Columbia Childcare Centre

Licensed and accredited not-for-profit daycare providing services for children ages 1-6

Full-time and part-time spaces open to the public!


Columbia Childcare Centre: A Foundation for Lifelong Learning

At Columbia Childcare Centre, we pride ourselves on providing a caring, nurturing, and educational environment where the joy of childhood, the excitement of play, and the adventure of learning are all celebrated equally.


As a licensed and accredited facility, we offer both full-time and part-time services tailored to children aged 1 to 6 years. Our doors are open not only to the staff and students of Columbia College but also to the wider community. Everyone is welcome!


Conveniently located in Northeast Calgary, our centre is easily accessible, being just a stone’s throw away from downtown and situated near major routes like Deerfoot Trail and Memorial Drive.

Our philosophy centers on creating a child-focused community. Here, learners of all ages come together – children, families, educators, and staff – to foster an atmosphere where joy, play, and learning are interwoven, celebrated, and cherished. At Columbia Childcare Centre, we’re not just caring for children; we’re nurturing the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and leaders.

Choosing a Childcare Provider

It can be difficult choosing a Childcare center. To help, we have developed a list of questions that you can use to compare different centers.

Our Facility

Our Childcare Centre is a child-centred community of learners where children, families, educators, and staff work together. Check out our facility & book a tour!

Our Programs

What our families are saying:

“Columbia Child Care Center has been a great daycare for my daughter. Before coming to this daycare my daughter was a very shy 3-year-old, and now she is leaving as a more outgoing 4-year-old. My daughter has learned so much in the year and a half that she attended here and I am quite pleased about her learning and social development. I attribute her growth to the dedicated and patient attention given to her by the staff. The staff are wonderful and very attentive and always keep me informed of my daughter’s day-to-day activities and behaviour. The center itself is very nice as well, clean with lots of toys and activities for the children. We are sad that it is time to move on, I know my daughter will miss all the staff and friends that she made while at Columbia Child Care.”
– Veronica G
“Thank you for taking such good care of Nathan these past few years! We appreciate all the time and effort you put into making Columbia Child Care an enjoyable experience for him!”
– Candice P
“I have to say, I think Columbia is an amazing facility and I can’t wait for my son to go back. He seems to be thriving and loving daycare every day. I have recommended it to friends and other ladies at work. The staff are amazing, especially Ms. Beata and Ms. Elvira. Thank you for all the awesome work you’re doing.”
– Danielle M
“The easiest decision I ever made once I had my son was to go back to school and make a good life for us!! The HARDEST part about that was being able to find a childcare facility that I could trust. Having the stress of starting school, being a single mom, and strangers watching my child was incredible, but Columbia Childcare made life easier for me. Going to school myself at Columbia College and seeing the kids outside having fun while I was in class was a huge relief for me. The staff understood the workload I had and made it a wonderful place for me and my son. The staff is so loving and welcoming and great from the start. They have followed me through my dreams and honestly helped me succeed.”
– Angela N