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Our programs focus on goals that connect learning with the development of life skills, such as the ability to make good choices, communicate well, play, and interact cooperatively with others. It is our goal to support the healthy development of the whole child – socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. We encourage parent involvement in our programs and independence in young children.

Infant Program

(12-19 months)

To meet the individual needs of our youngest learners, our infant room is designed to promote feelings of belonging and loving care. Through exploring natural curiosities and participating in playful experiences, our program provides a creative, stimulating environment that encourages development of language, motor skills, and visual skills.

Infants eat, sleep, and play according to their own schedule. Every infant is an individual with unique abilities, desires and emotions.

Our highly qualified and professional staff will guide and encourage your infant in every stage of his or her development. Open and thorough communication between staff and each family is very important in order to provide quality care for each infant and maintain confidence from each parent.

Toddler Program

(19-36 months)

During the toddler years, emphasis is put on building confidence and fostering natural curiosity. As a result, our toddler rooms are designed to provide stimulating experiences where the children can learn through their own inquisitiveness.

The children have access to a large variety of play materials and creative centers where they can dress up, build blocks, and experiment with activities at the sensory table. Art, music, language, and science are introduced in this program and taught with a deep level of respect to ensure development and a long lasting love for learning.

Our staff will offer the care, warmth, and patience so essential to this young age, and as a result, children feel comfortable in our care. Deep respect for each child ensures that your toddler will truly develop a long lasting love for learning.

Preschool-age Program

(3-5 years)

Our program for preschool age children is designed to prepare children socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually for their upcoming entry into school. Additionally, our program supports the development of independence, responsibility, and confidence- all of which are essential for a child’s future success.

We offer hands-on activities for children to explore and a variety of educational opportunities. Our learning environment is organized with areas for block play, manipulative toys, art, and creativity, dramatic play, and reading.


(5-6 years)

Coming soon! Fill out the contact form to join the waitlist for our upcoming kindergarten program. 

Fees & Subsidy Rates

Fees (all programs)
Age Monthly Fee Affordability Grant Parent's Portion Before Subsidy
12 to 18 months $1225 $883 $342
19 - 36 months $1120 $709 $411
Over 36 months $1075 $626 $449
Alberta Childcare Subsidy Rates
Family Income Full-Time Rate (100+ hours)
$0 - $119,999 $266
$120,000 - $124,999 $253
$125,000 - $129,999 $239
$130,000 - $134,999 $226
$135,000 - $139,999 $213
$140,000 - $144,999 $200
$145,000 - $149,999 $186
$150,000 - $154,999 $173
$155,000 - $159,999 $160
$160,000 - $164,999 $146
$165,000 - $169,999 $133
$170,000 - $174,999 $120
$175,000 - $179,999 $106
Part-time rates are prorated based on hours (80 hours - 80% of the full-time rate)

Learn more about Alberta's Childcare Subsidy rates & application process here.