Columbia Childcare Center’s philosophy aligns with the philosophy of Columbia College, Calgary. The following is the philosophy of Columbia College:

Columbia treats individuals with dignity and respect; Columbia approaches individuals in an honest, open, fair and friendly manner. Columbia recognizes and respects individuals from other cultures and regions in the world.

Columbia recognizes that vendors, suppliers and consultants are essential for our success and therefore treat them as valued persons.

Columbia is a proactive, flexible and responsive organization.

Columbia’s focus is to continuously improve the quality of its programs, materials and services and learning outcomes, through objective and factual analysis of data and information.

Columbia maintains a balance between being highly results-oriented and caring about the development of each learner.

Columbia provides relevant content in a supportive environment maximizing human development.

Columbia employees are professionals who continue to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as their ability to communicate effectively.

Columbia works cooperatively and collaboratively with leaders from business, government and labor to ensure the advantage of being at the leading edge of new technologies and trends.

Columbia’s approach to leadership is demonstrated by supporting others, helping individuals and assisting coworkers. Leadership and fellowship is the responsibility of every individual.

Columbia recognizes that its personnel are its most valuable resource. Columbia’s future is based on the success of its employees in meeting the present and future needs of learners. Columbia believes input into decision making should be sought from employees as much as possible.